Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Initial Employment Questions

    How do I sign up to be a substitute?
    Visit, then click the “Apply Now” section based on the county of your choice.

    Why do I have to attend a 2 hour applicant meeting and take additional internet training modules?
    There are several federal, state, and school requirements for training & orientation for any new employee that will be working in an educational environment around children. This classroom & home internet training approach allows you the opportunity to accomplish over half of your training in a non-classroom environment at your discretion.

    Why do I have to submit to electronic fingerprinting and pay for it?
    The State of Michigan requires all employees working in an educational arena to be fingerprinted. This process also produces a criminal history report containing any federal or state records that could deny an individual access to an educational environment. There are several vendors statewide that produce this service for fees ranging from $55.00 to $70.00. The State of Michigan charges these vendors over $50.00 of this fee to produce the report.

    I submitted my paperwork to PESG. When am I going to be uploaded into the dispatching system and allowed to accept assignments?
    You will be uploaded into the dispatching system and sent a PESG welcome letter once PESG has processed your completed employment file along with receiving a clear criminal history background check from the State of Michigan. This process can take up to 2 weeks during August to October as this is the time period in which thousands of applicants are applying for substitute positions. Once you receive your PESG welcome letter via email, your employment will be activated with PESG and you will have your login and password to view or receive dispatching assignments.

    I never received my PESG Welcome Letter, but I am getting AESOP phone calls. What do I do?
    Contact PESG at 1-866-782-7277 to obtain your login and PIN numbers over the telephone.

  2. Certification Transcript Questions

    Why do I have to pay for a permit?
    The State of Michigan requires all teaching substitutes who are not currently certified in the State of Michigan to have a substitute permit in order to substitute teach. This invoice comes directly from the State of Michigan.

    If I have a Masters Degree, why do you need my Bachelor’s transcripts?
    The State of Michigan requires PESG to provide verification of your 90 semester credit hours toward an undergraduate degree. Some states have more relaxed credit hour requirements for graduates requiring PESG to audit actual semester credit hours instead of verifying diplomas.

    How do I renew my teaching certificate?
    Visit to identify the renewal requirements and process for your teaching certificate.

    Why do you need my official transcripts, when I have been subbing for years without official for my district?
    Some districts initially did not require “official” transcripts. Based on recent audits and clarifications from the Department of Education, we are required to verify that the transcript is authentic, has sufficient credit hours, and that the transcripts show either the college seal or the registrar’s signature.

    Do I need a permit if I am a certified teacher, or teaching outside my area of certification?
    No. You may teach outside your areas of certification up to 90 calendar days. At 90 days, certain “highly qualified” requirements begin for the assignment pertaining to certification.

    How long is my substitute permit good for?
    Your permit is good until August 31 of the school year in which it was obtained.

  3. Making Changes & Adding Districts

    How do I change any of the information pertaining to my employment or settings with PESG?
    All changes to your file (i.e. e-mail, phone, address, tax withholdings, work locations, work classifications etc.), may be made on the PESG HomeRoom Employee Portal at
    Visit the “Contact Us” tab on for further instructions.

    How do I terminate my employment with PESG?
    Please send us an email or a letter indicating your request for termination of employment. You may also terminate employment on the PESG HomeRoom Employee Portal at

    Do I have to attend an applicant meeting for each county I sub in?
    No, you only have to attend one enrollment meeting.

    How do I add districts?
    You can add work locations and work classifications on the PESG HomeRoom Employee Portal at
    You can e-mail or send PESG a letter with a request of the districts that you would like to add.

    How do I transfer my fingerprints or educational documents to another employer or school district?
    PESG would need a transfer request directly from your new employer containing your signature.

  4. Compensation Questions

    When will I receive a paycheck and what are the pay rates for each district?
    The pay period, pay date, and pay rate information is specific to each county and is outlined in the district information section of our website and in our Policy Manual.

    How do I know whether I am going to be paid the full or half day rate?
    When viewing a job in Aesop, it will specify whether it is a full day or half day assignment.

    I did not get paid for a position that I worked for. What do I do?
    Please contact PESG at 1-866-782-7277 and ask for the payroll department. You will need to be prepared to identify the date, district, and dispatching confirmation number for the date associated with the payroll error.

    Do I get paid if I work during my prep hour?
    Typically a prep hour payments do not apply to a substitute. This policy varies for each district. The majority of districts in the State of Michigan will ask a substitute to cover another classroom during the prep hour as part of the daily assignment and daily rate.

    Do I get back pay if I update my certification information with PESG?
    Some districts have different pay rates for certified and non-certified substitute teachers. Once you have become certified, you will need to submit your certification documentation to PESG and let the district know of your need for rate change if you are in a long term assignment.

  5. Dispatching & AESOP Questions

    Can a teacher request me for a specific job?
    Yes. Some districts allow a teacher to “assign” you to a specific job. In this case, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact you directly so that you are aware of the assignment. AESOP will also send you an email indicating that you have been assigned, or removed from a position.

    I tried to accept a job over the phone and was told that position is no longer available to me. Why?
    Jobs are concurrent over the phone and on the internet. Another sub must have already accepted the job on the internet while you were listening to the details of the job on the phone.

    I am signed up for multiple districts. Why can I view only one or a few of my selected districts?
    This may be a result of an inconsistent upload of your profile information within each district. Please contact us to verify this as we will correct dispatching settings correct your multiple district profile.

    How do I cancel a job?
    If there is a “trash can” symbol next to the job in Aesop, you can cancel by clicking the trash can. If there is no trash can, you must call the school to cancel the job as some schools require a phone call to cancel a position.

  6. Activation Questions

    How often do I have to complete the professional development training?
    The professional development training modules are part of hiring process. Unless there is an update legislatively to the content of any specific training module, you will not need to retake any training modules. St. Joseph County requires substitutes to retake certain modules on an annual basis.

    Working Consistently
    If you applied as a substitute, remember you must work in every school district at least one (1) time every sixty (60) days, or you risk being removed from the district.

    Am I eligible for unemployment during the summer?
    Based on the seasonality of educational employment within the State of Michigan, substitute teachers are subject to “reasonable assurance” of continued employment for the next school year. School year break periods do not qualify for unemployment benefits for school-based employees.

  7. Benefits Questions

    How do I find out how much money I have contributed to my MIP account?
    Visit for general information concerning your MSPERS and MIP programs. You will need to contact a State of Michigan representative directly at 1-800-381-5111 to obtain your specific account information.

    How do I sign up for benefits?
    PESG offers medical insurance - Applications may be obtained by calling (877) 514 - 8782 or by request at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Does PESG match my contribution to the 401K?
    Though our 401(K) plan design allows for this, currently PESG is not matching employee contributions.

    If I am close to being vested, how do I continue to work toward my vesting?
    As only days worked as a district-paid employee count toward final vesting, you will need to continue to seek additional positions within the school district to complete your vesting requirements.

    If I am retired, why do I have to opt out of the 401K?
    If an employer offers a 401(K) plan as part of their benefits offering, the employer is required to provide audited evidence that each and every employee has been offered the chance to participate. This audit procedure is accomplished through an acceptance or declining of the 401(K) plan (with signature) on the application.