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Please read the the information on this page carefully as PESG cannot accept any incomplete packets at enrollment. Click the + button next to each requirement for further details and explanation.

Note: Bring the following to one of the Enrollment Meetings

  1. Completed Employment Packet

    • Form 1: Employment Application
    • Form 2: Federal W-4
    • Form 3: State W-4
    • Form 4: Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) Form
    • Form 5: Form 8850
    • Form 6: Policy Manual and Receipt of Acknowledgment Form
    • Form 7: REP Report Data Form
    • Form 8: Authorization, Release, and Waiver (PA 189) Form
    • Form 9: Professional Development Training
    • Form 10: Criminal Background Check
    • Form 11: Livescan Fingerprint Request (See section 5 for details)
    • Form 12: Fingerprint Release Form
    • Form 13: Direct Deposit Employee Signup Form
      • Please refer to direct deposit form (Form 13) in your employee packet for further clarification with your direct deposit.
    • Form 14: District Information Sheet
  2. Two Forms of Legal Identification

    PESG will scan your identification at the applicant meeting for employment purposes based on Federal I-9 guidelines. You may refer to the I-9 instructions in the New Employee Enrollment Packet for required identification forms.


    Note: This identification must be provided to be considered a 'complete file'.

    Typical combinations of identification:

    • Driver's License with a Social Security Card
    • Driver's License with a Birth Certificate
    • Student ID or Voter's ID/Military ID with a Social Security Card or Birth Certificate
    • Passport/Passport Card (This 1 document counts as both forms of legal identification)
    • Other combinations are outlined in the I-9 Instructions.
  3. Education Documents (Teachers Only)

    You must bring your original teaching certificate, or your official 90+ credit hour transcript showing Completion of 90 semester hours of satisfactory (minimum 2.0 grade point average) credits consolidated at one four-year regionally accredited college or university. Please note: PESG must have the official transcript as of 2/1/09. We can no longer accept unofficial transcripts.

    Typical certification documentation:

    • Official 90+ credit hour transcripts from an accredited 4 year degree college or university
    • Provisional Teaching Certificate
    • Permanent Teaching Certificate
    • Professional Teaching Certificate
    • Expired Teaching Certificate
    • Out of State Teaching Certificate with original Official 90+ credit hour transcripts

    The Michigan Department of Education requires any teacher substitute without a valid teaching certificate to have a substitute teaching permit. Application(s) for this permit will be made on your behalf to MDE, by either PESG or the school District. The permit fee is $45. A permit is required for each district/school in which you choose to substitute, but only one fee is required. The Department of Education will email a payment link directly to you using the MOECS system. Once paid, your substitute teacher permit is valid until August 31 of the school year for which the permit is approved and must be renewed each school year.

  4. Fingerprinting

    If you have been fingerprinted under the Michigan School Employer reason code (SE) and have been regularly and continuously employed or under contract in a K-12 school in Michigan, those results may be used for your employment as a substitute or other employment type provided by PESG and its Family of Companies.

    If you have not been fingerprinted under the State of Michigan Child Safety Legislation, or you have not worked for or been contracted with a Michigan K-12 school regularly and continuously, then you MUST be printed for a K-12 school in Michigan and approved by a school BEFORE beginning employment with PESG and its Family of Companies.

    Please see below to print the location specific fingerprinting documents.

    If you have been fingerprinted for one district and would like to work in another district serviced by PESG and its Family of Companies, you may complete a “Sharing Agreement” so your print results can be transferred between schools/districts. Please see below to print the fingerprint "Sharing Agreement" for a specific location.

    More Information will be provided at our enrollment/interview meeting or you may email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for assistance.

    Attention Student Teachers!

    If you have already been fingerprinted for student teaching, and your fingerprints are currently being held at your college or university, it is likely they were taken under the National Child Protection Act (NCPA). Fingerprints taken under this act are not sufficient for substitute teaching. Please contact your college or university to verify the reason code under which your fingerprints were taken. If they are NCPA, you must be re-fingerprinted using the 'SE' (School Employment) Code and should refer to the information provided below.

    We are currently in the process of working with the our  school partners to update Criminal History Background & fingerprinting requirements & directions.  During this time please contact us @ 866-782-7277 or if you are a new applicant – attend a meeting for the latest fingerprinting information.  Thank you for your patience while we work through the update process.

    West Shore ESD (Sub Teacher and Para ONLY)

    DIRECTIONS: Please return livescan form to Terri Steih at 2130 West US 10, Ludington, MI 49431 within 10 days of printing. Failure to return the form may affect your ability to accept assignments and may also result in the need for you to be re-fingerprinted at your own cost.

  5. Online Requirements

    Please complete the following Professional Development Training Modules before the Enrollment Meeting. Complete the modules as identified for your job group listed below. When finished, print a copy of your Certificate of Completion and bring it to the Enrollment Meeting.

    Training Modules
    PESG employees are required to complete certain training modules to become an active employee. The following sections clarify training module requirements:

    Adjunct Faculty, Administrators, Assistant Teachers, Child Care Workers, Instructional Classroom Aides, Latch-key Workers, Para-professionals and Teachers:
    Please complete the following GCN (Global Compliance Network) Training Modules:
    • Allergy Management
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Child Abuse Training (Child Care Workers and Latch-key Workers Only)
    • Concussion Training (Substitute Teacher, Student Teacher, and Playground Aides Only)
    • FERPA (Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act)
    • Guide for Substitute Teachers (Substitute Teachers Only)
    • Hazard Communications
    • PESG Family of Companies Information/Orientation
    • Sexual Harassment
    • St and Fed Laws K12

    Coaches, Custodial, Food Service, Clerical, Nurses:
    Please complete the following GCN’s:
    • Allergy Management
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Bullying
    • Concussion Training (Coaches and Nurses Only)
    • FERPA (Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act)
    • Food Safety (Food Service Only)
    • Hazard Communications
    • PESG Family of Companies Information/Orientation
    • Sexual Harassment

    Noon-time Supervisors, Ticket Takers, and other employees:
    Please complete the following GCN’s:
    • Allergy Management
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Bullying
    • FERPA (Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act)
    • Hazard Communications
    • PESG Family of Companies Information/Orientation
    • Sexual Harassment

    Completing GCN's
    Please Visit http://www.gcntraining.com and click "Login to View Training"
    New Users
    Step 1: At the GCN Login, key-in “PESG”
    Step 2: Click “Create a Personal ID”
    Step 3: Follow the directions and create your preferred Unique ID. Then, click “Check Account Availability.”
    Step 4: Complete the Personal Information fields using the drop down box, i.e., Job Title, Department/Building.
    Step 5: Please select an appropriate tutorial for your job classification. Then, click “View” and complete the modules.
    Step 1: At the GCN Login, key-in “PESG”
    Step 2: Enter your UID and select desired module(s).

    District Specific Requirements

    All must read the bulletins section of the District you desire to work in. Many have specific annual GCN training requirements and must be completed as described before working the first time or subsequent years. See www.subpass.com for bulletins.